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Complete Set, ABC Bible Verse Coloring Sheets

Complete Set, ABC Bible Verse Coloring Sheets

This is an instant download of all 26 letters of the alphabet. Each retro-inspired letter includes a Scripture verse for your little one to grow up with. Simply color all the pages, put them in a binder, and review the letter sounds along with the verses every day! Your children will benefit the rest of their lives. 

When I was small, my mother made a version of this by drawing simple pictures along with portions of verses on construction paper. She read them to me, and by the time I was in kindergarten, I was almost ready to put the phonics sounds together. The gift of confidence she gave me stuck with me for life. 

When my little boy came along, I decided to bless him as my mother had blessed me. I found a wisdom verse for each letter of the alphabet and added pictures so roving toddler eyes would stay focused on the letter. 

It made teaching reading lightyears easier. With my fifth child I learned to trace his finger over the letter as I'd say, "This is A. A says 'Aaah.' A false witness shall not be unpunished" and so on. That child was a very early writer! 

Everything is dependent on fundamentals. Sports, math, cooking, whatever. If my kids can soundly grasp those fundamentals, those phonics sounds, those lyrical old English phrases, the entire rest of their lives will be immeasurably blessed.

I'm thrilled to finally be able to make this available for you!

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