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Taking a Break

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

School's in full swing around here, and I am up to my eyeballs in chauffeuring, phonics charts, multiplication tables, turnip greens and laundry.

So rather than shoot out sporadic posts, I'm taking a fall break to stockpile some stories and podcasts and return to you when school and life settles a bit (and possibly football and/or basketball seasons have passed).

I can't tell you how I appreciate you reading and listening! You, my friends, are the reasons I get to enjoy this dream I've always imagined. If you didn't read, I couldn't enjoy writing.

You are in my prayers, if you have subscribed. Seriously. I've added your name to my prayer list, and if I know your family they're probably also on the list.

Love you, my friends! Please keep my family in your prayers too, so I can return to you with some stories with happy endings when this busy season passes and Lexie and I can return to our podcasting/posting schedule!

God bless,


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