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Blessing Our Homes with Hymns | Podcast with Lexie Joy

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

Who would've guessed that the most valuable book after the Bible would be a tattered hymnbook? Within those pages lie the answers to the questions that man's wrestled in every age.

In this episode of the Every Wise Woman Builds podcast, Lexie Joy and I talk about how my two year old went from mimicking nonsense like "Bulbous Bouffant Blubber Macadamia" to lisping truths he won't understand for years, but he'll still have them when he's 92. Enjoy!

Lettering Graphic Courtesy of Shiloh Graphic Design On Instagram: @shilohgraphicdesign Please follow Shiloh for incredibly beautiful lettering inspiration and hymn art!

Make sure to sign up for our new "Hymn of the Day" devotional! Starting August 15, Lexie Joy will be taking this as her project, so make sure not to miss a single one!

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