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How to Teach Your Four Year Old to Do Laundry - RIGHT

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

Here's Terrie around the age of the salad dressing sandwich. :)

Here it is! The interview that taught me how to teach my children to clean. I have to tell you, I recorded this interview in May, and our home has changed drastically - for the better - because of this conversation.

In this inspiring interview, my dear friend Terrie Gatto shares with me how she trained her young children to clean - and enjoy it! Seriously! She has her small children racing each other to do laundry! And they do it RIGHT.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes from Terrie's experience training her children to work:

"If I make it tense, nothing will ever get done."

"Calmly say, 'What is wrong [with this countertop]?' I let them point it out. They know if they skipped over something."

"Claim God's promises in the Bible."

"Wherever you are as a mom, just say, 'I'm going to obey God.' It's me humbling myself and obeying God. He says to train, I'm just going to train. It's hard, and there are days when I feel I'm failing at everything."

"We've just got to trust God with our children."

"Don't forget that they're the future. I look at my kids like, 'Okay, they're future husbands. No woman wants a man who won't work. Even if they're single, they need to have a good work ethic.'"

"Their future starts at home."

"Ask God for wisdom. The Bible says He giveth to all men liberally. You don't have to be sixty years old. A young child can ask for wisdom and get it."

Visit Terrie's bakery here!

Here's the Youtube version if you prefer to listen that way. Don't forget to subscribe, and hit the bell for notifications of new videos! :)

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