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Praying for the Next Generation with Brenda Gilley, Part 1

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

Every wise woman prays. And smiles as a result.

Monday morning I woke up at 2:00am with labor-type pains in my kidney.

Yes. My kidney.

I am so. Not. Interested in finding out if kidney stones hurt worse than childbirth.

I remembered a friend telling me recently how her kidney stones got dissolved without trauma, but 2am was way too early to message her.

The pain scared me.

So I prayed. And like usual, prayer put me to sleep. (Isn’t that awful? God is so merciful to let my laziness work in my favor.)

And yes, I did get her recipe for dissolving kidney stones, and I did follow it, and no, I haven’t had any more pain. I don’t know if I will. I don’t know if I would’ve if I hadn’t prayed.

I think I’d still be suffering. Just like all the other times I’ve suffered way too long before I finally thought to pray.

Prayer can’t be overemphasized.

That’s why on today’s podcast, my dear friend, Mrs. Brenda Gilley, one of my Titus 2 “older women” who’s guided me many times, shares with me this most important of all things a younger woman needs to learn from the older generation.

No matter how dark our world becomes, if we can stay on our knees, and even more importantly, train our children to hit their knees and find mercy and grace to help in time of need, we can love rather than fear. Fear has torment, but it’s the natural reaction when we have no hope.

As long as we can pray, we can love. Because we can hope.

So I hope you enjoy this first part of the interview with Brenda Gilley. Let’s take some extra time to pray this week. It’ll naturally grow if we’re praying, because prayer births prayer when we see how God answers! God bless! Have a great, prayer-filled week.

And here's the YouTube link, if you prefer to listen that way. :)

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