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Two are better than one...

He's the tech. I'm the tweaker.
He was cool in high school. I was an oddball. He's put-together. I'm amazed by put-together people. He tells me I'm great when I think I'm inept. He's my hero. Together with our eight children, we love joining forces to make the world a brighter place. 

My Design Story

It was our senior year. Nobody had time for book reports, but threats of withheld diplomas did the trick for the struggling, senioritis-stricken 18-year-olds congregated at the front of the classroom. Suddenly their eyes fell on me, the nerdy quiet girl whose notes were always covered in doodles.

"Rebekah, will you draw my poster?" 

"Yeah, mine too?"


"Me too!"

Our no-nonsense teacher broke in. "What'll you give her?"

I stared. 

"I mean it!" she said. "If you're gonna go to the trouble, they should give you something. You like candles? If it was me, I'd make 'em buy me a candle."

I laughed and started drawing, thrilled to imagine my passion could be worth something to somebody.


That thrill has never left.


I'm unspeakably thankful for the gift God has given me that's brought me before some great people, now including you. I'd be thrilled to see how I can help your brand shine!

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